Have your flashlights handy or leave on the night light whatever works for you. New music this week on the Wolf include two songs that talk about monsters. Both Luke Combs and Eric Church have hit songs that include the idea of monsters being under the bed. Let's face it that is a lyric we can all relate to. If you say that when you were little you didn't have at least on night when you thought there might be a monster under the bed then you have obviously blocked that memory

Long before there were night lights to chase them away people have had the thoughts of monsters under the bed when the lights go out. Both of these new monster hits for two of country's favorite artist really drive the message home by using that creepy childhood memory that is hard to shake.

Luke Combs - Even Though I Leaving - uses the monster under the bed in the first verse.

Eric Church - Monsters - the whole song is based on the idea that the monsters under the bed aren't as bad as the ones we encounter in life.

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