One Hudson Valley man found some A-list treasure after purchasing an abandoned storage locker.

The New York Daily News is reporting that a Hopewell Junction man named Anton Lulgjuraj found valuables belonging to award winning actress Diane Keaton. Lulgjuraj  purchased an abandoned storage locker at Life Storage in Brewster last May.

In a box left back in the locker, Lulgjuraj found an old brown leather wallet. Obviously curious, he opened it up and found the 1966 California license of a Diane Hall as well as a handful of family photos.

Lulgjuraj didn't recognize the name, but the woman on the ID looked familiar. Luckily, Lulgjuraj  tells the Daily News, was a huge fan of The Godfather movies. He then continued the search into the wallet and found and Actors’ Equity card with Diane Hall's stage name printed on it, which is: Diane Keaton.

No word on how the wallet and pictures made their way to the Hudson Valley storage locker, but the locker used to be owned by Air Force pilot, David Parent.

While Lulgjuraj tried several times to reach out to Keaton on social media, it wasn't until December 4th that Keaton got wind of the story:

Hopefully Ms. Keaton is reunited with her family photos soon.

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