This time of year you are going to hear a lot of talk regarding using honey to combat your scratchy throat. There will be people who say put it in tea and other who will say no you put it in whiskey. Either way, there are benefits but remember everything in moderation. So let's talk Honey.

I am someone who has a year-long allergy so everyone has given me the advice that I should be eating local honey to build my resistance and help calm my reaction. I have also been told that I should also be chewing on the actual honeycomb. I am a believer in this method but to be honest I am a slacker when it comes to honey use.

Is Hudson Valley Honey Better for You than Regular Sugar?

Turns out that probably isn't a bad thing because of what I just discovered while researching honey for this article. I was always under the impression that honey was better for me than sugar. I had heard that bakers sometimes swapped it out for sugar as a healthier alternative. Turns out that honey might be good for what ails you but as a sugar substitute not so much. According to Dr. Eric Berg DC, honey can have its own problems just like sugar.

Now that we know not to overdo it with honey let's talk about how effective it can be in helping that scratchy throat. Whether you choose the whiskey recipe or you just put it into plain old tea with some lemon, honey is that magic elixir that will make your throat feel better when it is dry and irritated.

Whiskey and Honey Recipe to Help Your Sour Throat

So Why Does Honey Help a Sore Throat?

According to many, it is one of the best remedies for sore throat. Much like its ability to aid in the relief of allergies, it seems it is also perfect for the relief of a sore throat. An article I found from Penn Medicine that includes other ways to soothe a sore throat, Honey is a good choice because of its antibacterial properties

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Hudson Valley Honey Suppliers

Hudson Valley Honey Makers

We ask the Hudson Valley where they like to get their honey and they gave us all these selections. Hopefully, we have included your favorite. If we miss one let us know so we can add them to the list. Local honey is good food and good for you and we want to make sure you can get honey that is made close to where you live in New York.

Places to Shop for Hudson Valley Honey

Hudson Valley Specialty Food Shops

The Hudson Valley has a number of specialty food shops. Some are styled like a grocery store others offer prepared foods you can eat in or take out. All of them are worth a visit. Here is a shortlist of a few that include shops in Beacon, Rhinebeck, New Paltz, and Hudson.

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