When it rains it pours and in the winter it melts. All of the frozen precipitation we have received over the a last few weeks is now officially melting. The forecast has the Hudson Valley receiving rain through tomorrow. And when the temperatures start dropping all the melting will refreeze but that's another story. In the mean time we have to deal will all the water.

Due to the cold temperatures a lot of us haven't had time to prepare for the amount of rain we are going to received over the next 24 hours. Because of that gutters and roadside culverts may still be clogged which can cause water to channel in all the wrong places. Ready online has a full list for you on what to do if you find yourself dealing with high water.

Things to keep in mind courtesy of "Ready" while you navigate the weather.

Turn around, don't drown.

Six inches of moving water can knock you down.

Twelve inches of moving water can sweep your vehicle away.

Avoid walking or driving through flood waters.

Stay clear of downed wires.






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