Do they really happen?

We got talking today on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show about that 11 year old boy from South Carolina that accidentally caught his fishing hook in his eyelid and cheek while fishing for bass, according to WIS News.

The boy, Manning Ruff was fishing near his home in SC last Thursday afternoon when he hooked a bass. But when he tried to pull the fish in, the hook popped out of the fish and caught him in his eyelid and his cheek just below his left eye. Now if this ever happened to me, I would drop everything and run for help. Not Manning, he didn't want to leave his reel and rod behind so he hopped on his bike and rode back to his home with the hooks still embedded in his face.

Once his Dad saw what happened, they rushed to the local emergency room where the hook was removed safely, thank God.

After reading about this, I said to Jess that stuff like this doesn't happen here in the Hudson Valley and oh boy was I wrong. We got a ton of messages from people that have been hurt while fishing here in the Valley.

Jill texted us, "First day of vacation a few years back my husband and I went out in our boat fishing and I hooked myself in the back of the head with a fishing hook. Had to go to emergency room to have it removed. ☹️"

Ed texted, "My father went fishing with a friend and the first cast his friend got him in the head had to go to the er to get it out."

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