One of the things I missed the most in 2020 was garage sales and flea markets. It was hard to go all last summer without trekking around to find treasures alongside people's driveways. Fortunately, summer 2021 is offering all kinds of markets for us to enjoy.

The one thing that a lot of people struggle with when they go to a flea market or street fair is how to cart around all their purchases while they continue to shop. The reality is you never want to leave a great find behind because you can't get it back to the car.

I have three great ideas that will hopefully prevent you have to leave a treasure behind at your next town-wide yard sale.

Gord Horne

Bring A Wagon

A little red wagon is perfect for walking around a large flea market or street fair. If you have kids or a pet they can ride in it while you shop hopefully cutting down on the "are we done yet?". It also makes carrying all your items unnecessary. All you have to do is put them in the wagon and roll them around the market.

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Ralf Geithe

Bring a Suitcase on Wheels

A traditional pull wheelie suitcase is also a great idea. Granted you will have to keep opening and closing it to put things away but it will make loading up on goodies seem less cumbersome. I have actually seen people who come up from the city shop this way at Hudson Valley Malls. The only challenge to the pull suitcase is if the market you walking around is on uneven ground. These suitcases tend to like a smooth surface.


Bring a Big Shoulder Bag

If you have a strong shoulder and you don't plan to buy too many things that weigh too much you can always go with the oversized handle bag. It is better than nothing and will usually do the trick as long as you don't find a piece of furniture you can live without.

So if you are heading out this weekend to a Hudson Valley Farm market or a local yard sale consider bring a least one of these if not all three, making your shopping so much more manageable.

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