Devastating and deadly storms this week ripped through the Hudson Valley.

It was confirmed later this week that several tornadoes touched down in the Hudson Valley. Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan and Greene Counties are all confirmed as areas in which the tornadoes touched down.

Pine Bush is one of the most hard hit areas in the Valley. Some are still without power. Clean up continues in Orange County and the community is banning together to help those in need.

Wenon Farm in Pine Bush, which is a working hay farm and historic site, was torn down during the tornado. Listener Samantha Nannola posted to our Facebook Page that a GoFund Me account to save the farm from being torn down.

In the description it explains "The main barn was ripped apart leaving it topless with a staircase to nowhere and sheet metal debris everywhere. Hay wagons were just tossed around the field like they were weightless."

The goal is to raise $5,000 to help the Larsen family who has had the farm in their family for generations.

As of Friday May 18th, $1,000 has been raised.



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