A Hudson Valley bar is fighting back having their bathroom defaced with graffiti.

If you've been to any bar or restaurant in the Hudson Valley, you've probably seen some sort of message or name written on the bathroom wall. I don't know what it is about being in a public bathroom that makes people want to memorialize the experience with graffiti, but the practice is so common that most people don't even give it a second thought.

Many local business owners have just chalked repairing their bathroom walls as the price of doing business. One Hudson Valley bar, however, isn't having it and decided to clap back at a customer for defacing their bathroom.

Facebook/Nooch's Pub and Grill
Facebook/Nooch's Pub and Grill

Nooch's Pub & Grill in the Village of Millbrook called out a customer on their Facebook page for carving a name into the wall above the urinal. A picture of the graffiti which reads "Jake Was Here" was captioned with the following message.

We just wanted to thank “Jake” for supporting our small business by carving his name into our bathroom wall last night! Glad you were here pal you’re a real class act!

The Facebook post was met with praise from customers who applauded the restaurant for taking a stand against the careless act of vandalism.

According to Nooch's, the graffiti wasn't just confined to the wall above the urinal. The bar told us that they actually found more carvings in the paper towel dispenser and wall mirror. Nooch's management says that the vandalism was "pretty upsetting." Due to the pandemic, many small businesses don't have a lot of extra money right now, and having to repair the bathroom wall and fixtures after welcoming customers back into the bar isn't something that they say they want to waste their money on.

Nooch's Pub and Grill
Nooch's Pub and Grill

The good news is that Nooch's is hot on the trail of the person who committed the crime.

We think we have an idea of who it was from digging a bite through footage from that night plus credit card slips. It wasn’t “Jake” but a friend of Jake’s from what (we) pieced together.

Nooch's stressed to us that they're not a "hole in the wall bar" which is why they took the vandalism so personally. If anyone has any information about who Jake's friend is, you can reach out to Nooch's on their Facebook page.

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