Halloween is typically a night for trick or treating and some spooky entertainment with friends. You can choose an at home movie marathon or a party with a huge costume contest. Over the years I have done them all.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Last year Halloween was a bit difficult thanks to COVID.  Trick or Treating was all but banned and major events like parades were cancelled. For people who like to spend the night out having fun Halloween 2020 offered some real challenges.

Even though we missed out on some of our favorite Halloween Rituals last year many people started new traditions. According to Complete Care online we apparently came up some pretty cool things to keep busy even though we weren't able to really gather with friends. Their list included everything from a Zoom costume party to telling ghost stories.

So what about this year? Luckily we can get back out there for the most part. Trick or Treating may still be on a back burner but attending a parade or having a pumpkin carving contest is not out of the realm of possibilities.

I thought I would share some of my ideas for Halloween with you.

Cook Something for Dinner.

My Mom was a big fan of eating dinner before we hit the streets to collect candy. She insisted that eat first and she always made the best dinners. I swear she did it so we wouldn't eat a bunch of Halloween candy because we were so full. I will be digginf out one of her old recipes.

Carve Pumpkins

My Dad always save a pumpkin to carve the night of Halloween. I think it gave him something to do between trick or treaters. He said it was the back up pumpkin on the off chance ours got stolen before Halloween but I think he just really liked having an extra. I always have a few too many pumpkins so I will be carving the last one on Halloween night.

Play Scary Music

You wouldn't normally have horror movie music themes playing in the background but some how on Halloween it seems the perfect playlist for whatever you plan to do. I will be setting my music service to scary themes while I cook, carve and then greet those happy trick or treaters.

And Of Course

Go trick or treating if you can, watch scary movies with your friends, tell ghost stories in the yard next to the fire pit and mix up a batch of spooky cocktails to go with all of it. Happy Halloween.


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