Just when you thought the Hudson River couldn't look any more green.

Have you seen New York's unique and newest attraction? It's a man made island and it's quite astonishing. What's it called and where is it?

The Hudson River is getting a lot greener in the best way possible. A huge park is one of the newest additions to the beauty that New York has to offer for both its residents and tourists.

Upstate New York has so many photo worthy spots. There are several picturesque places in the Hudson Valley that are worthy of your Instagram feed. I'm not sure how you could get bored of the Hudson Valley's beauty but if you do there's some amazing gems not far from here that are hidden in plain sight.

Here's one of them.

Credit: Jay Cohen
Credit: Jay Cohen

New York keeps it fresh by adding cool attractions like this place.

One of New York City's newest attractions is called "The Little Island" and it is located on the Hudson River in Manhattan. It reportedly just opened.

According to Explorest, the park is free to enter, open to the public and is open from 6AM-1AM.

Not only is the park a cool attraction to see but there is also concerts and performances scheduled to take place there as well.

Photographer, Jay Cohen was able to snag some great footage and photos of the island.

If you've been to the island already let us know and share some pictures with us? How was it?

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