Can you fill in the blank with us?

I was looking around the other day online and I came across a story that got me thinking about when I was younger and how at one point I couldn't afford a lot of things.

Back when I first started out doing radio I was making close to no money and when it came for my oldest daughter Alijah to go to school and I had to pack her lunch it was always a struggle. All she ever wanted was the all in one lunch thing Lunchables. You know them, they had everything in one package, you had the meat, cheese, crackers and usually a snack.

I remember those things being really expensive and I couldn't afford them at the time so when I saw this, it reminded me of being broke!

According to the website Delish the folks that make the kids Lunchables are getting ready to introduce us to Brunchables.

The Brunchables are going to come in 3 different sandwich flavors including, bacon and cheddar cheese, ham and cheddar cheese, and sausage and cheddar cheese. They will all have breakfast flat breads and a mini blueberry muffin. They are due out soon.

Anyway do you remember a time when you couldn't afford something like this?

Fill in the blank for us, "I grew up soooo poor that we didn't have _________." Call the show at 845-473-9431 or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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