Leave it up to Twitter to have you questioning the most random thing in the world.

How do you write your X's? Yes that's right. Over the weekend a tweet went viral with a bunch of different ways to make an X. The tweeter @SMASEY provided a photo of 8 different ways to make an X. Twitter had a field day.

Some of the examples are baffling. Does anyone really make their X's by starting at the bottom on both sides like number 1 and 2 depict?

I'm number 7 and CJ is number 5.

In a follow up tweet @SMASEY explained that answers 7 and 8 were more popular between Americans and 5 and 6 were popular in the UK.

CJ and I figured we would make up our own meanings behind these X's. For instance if you make your X as show in number 1 you most likely take an hour to text back.

X-2: You leave the toilet seat up.
X-3: You never use your blinker.
X-4: You Drink Milk out of the carton.
X-5: You leave the dog poop for someone else to pick up.
X-6:You Leave the the toilet paper roll when it's empty.
X-7: You sleep with your socks on.
X-8: You eat raw chop meat with a little bit of salt.



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