Did you make it in?

We got talking about that story from a few days ago about that teenager who got stuck in the chimney of her house for more than 90 minutes, according to the NY Post. The unnamed teen and a friend snuck out of the house earlier and when they returned they thought the best way to sneak back in would be to try and slide down the chimney, kinda like Santa Claus.

Things didn't go as planned as the teen got stuck and was screaming the whole time according to the other friend. She was screaming ". “call 911! I can't breathe.”

Emergency services responded and did get the teen out unharmed. According to responders she was just covered in soot. When freed she refused medical attention and declined to be interviewed by news stations that were on the scene.

Have you ever had to try and break into your house? Call or text us your story and Jess and I will try and guess if you made it in or not.

My favorite story so far is from the lady who called the show to let us know that her to young children locked her out of the house and wouldn't let her back in, so she got a ladder and tried to get in an upstairs window.

While she was climbing the ladder, her neighbor thought someone was trying to break in and called the police. Once the police showed up the kids opened the door but kept telling the police that she didn't live there. Could you imagine? I don't think my kids would get Christmas after something like that, LOL!

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