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I could use some help with this for sure.

I'm always trying to get those big beachy waves just like Carrie Underwood or Jason Aldean's wife Brittany always rock. matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch I NEVER get it to look as good as them.

It either looks like I just got a perm or that I didn't brush my hair.

I recently bought a pair of old school hot rollers to try to see if this will help. When I tried them the left side of my hair came out pretty good, but when I tried on the right side I fell a bit short.

(Don't really know what happened)

I also bought the biggest barrel curling iron I could find and tested this out. The curls actually came out pretty good, but when I tried to do my bangs the whole perm look came back.

I was thinking of putting the hot rollers for the top part of my hair and maybe using the iron to curl the other sections, maybe a mix of both will help?

If you have any tips on how to get those beachy curls and what products to use, PLEASE let me know.

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