Santa will be making many stops in the Hudson Valley this weekend but one community has turn it into a real Hoopla. Leave it to the Village of New Paltz known for it's world famous Halloween Parade to come up with something just as exciting for Christmas.

This Sunday (December 20, 2020) is The Holiday Hoopla all over the Village of New Paltz. It is schedule to kick off at 12 noon and go through the New Paltz community until 2 PM. The Village First Responders will be escorting Santa all over town with Pop up Percussionists leading the way. Santa will be accompanied by his Polar Bear buddy and they plan to make the rounds all over town.

Santa will have a musical accompaniment thanks to members of Tin Horn a Hudson Valley musicians group, member of the High Falls Hoopers for Humanity will be joining in and of course some community elves. They have approximately 8 stops that include Town & Country Apartments, Village Arms, Mulberry Square, New Paltz Gardens, Meadowbrook Farms, Tops Plaza, Main Street and New Paltz Commons.

Santa and his Hoopla are hoping to bump into a lot of us but also want to remind everyone to social distance. Picture can be taken but unfortunately Santa and his friend won't be able to pose with you. Feel free to honk and make noise when you see the traveling group. You are definitely going to hear them coming. Their will also be free Candy Canes while supplies last.



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