Whether you are into model trains or HO slot cars, this Monday is for you.

I know that my baby girl loves trains, the big choo choo's outside or the little ones that she sees running or the model ones that she will see in stores and I'm thinking about taking her to Hyde Park Train Station Museum this Monday but I'm thinking she might get bored or break something because she's 16 months and touches EVERYTHING.

I have a friend that is into HO Slot Cars and keeps trying to get me interested in them again, I haven't really been since I was a kid but I like to just live thru him.

Hyde Park Train Station Museum is the happening place this Monday, January 6th from 6pm to 9pm.

Stop by for a night of fun, racing and socialization.

There are typically 3 races and plenty of Trains to look at as well.

These events are hosted monthly and this will be the first of the new year.

For more information, go HERE


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