It's hot.  It's summer and people are headed to the beach on vacation, spending time outside hiking, BBQ-ing, swimming and just enjoying the weather and sunshine.

Wear sunscreen.  Please, use it.

My wife enjoyed the sun as much as the next person and would enjoy a nice summer tan but never was into tanning beds and never really burned except for occasionally in Vegas but nothing really much.

About 8 years ago she had a small "spot" removed from her back that turned out to be basal cell carsinoma.  That was all we thought and she would use a slight base of sunscreen, probably about 25 and go about her day.

Last October she had a spot appear on her temple.  It turned out to be basal cell carsinoma and she had it removed.  "That was SO painful" she told me after.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago when 3 more spots showed up.  Basal Cell Carsinoma.  She had to have all 3 removed.  "The most pain I have ever felt and I gave birth" she said.

I know that people say all the time that they don't burn or it won't happen to them.  I'm saying that my wife is proof that it could happen to anyone.

I'm not saying to not be in the sun or to not tan but I'm saying to use sunscreen and if you are thinking about using the tanning bed, really think about how important having that fake tan is.  Would a spray tan be better?  Yes.  The answer is yes.

I have never in my life had a sunburn because of my nationality but after seeing my wife go through this, I'll use sunscreen.

Enjoy summer.  Enjoy the sun.  Enjoy your tan.   Just be cautions, think about it and USE SUNSCREEN!

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