Halloween is almost here, and the best part is when the nights over just sitting around with your kids candy and having a nice adult beverage.

Now here's the dilemma most parents face. It's not stealing some of that candy that your kids have worked so hard in getting, we all know your going to take some, but what type of alcoholic beverage goes best with some of the candy they brought home.

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Well thanks to the folks at studyfinds.org, we can now get a good idea of what type of alcohol we can get our drink on with as we chow down on some of the different types of Halloween candy.

Yes most of us, some 45%, like to incorporate some type of alcoholic beverage into our Halloween celebrations, but it's also important to know what drinks go best with what candies. So pay attention, and you might even want to jot this down.

There are many types of Halloween candies that you'll find in your kids stash, and even though most people who responded to the survey, some 40%, thought a mixed drink would be best, many who participated, 32%, went with red wine as the drink of choice with chocolates. Red wine was also choosen by 31% of the respondents when it came to fruit based candies, 25% prefered red wine with nougat bases candies and sweet/savory candies and 22% went with the red wine with sour candies.

Now maybe wine is not your thing, then there are some other suggestions based on the candies you have. Here's a quick rundown of some popular pairings from this survey.

  • Captain Morgan and Twix.
  • Tequila and Warheads.
  • Stawberry Lemonade Vodka and Gummy Bears.
  • Light Beer and Candy Corn.
  • Lime Vodka and Skittles.
  • Red Wine and Hershey's Dark Chocolate.
  • Jack Daniel's and Reese's.
  • Straw-Ber-Rita and M&M's.

So now you should be all set for the after party when all the trick or treating is done, just remember to have fun, but drink responsibly.

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