Yesterday I witnessed an act of kindness while driving, but was worried about the safety of everyone involved.

I was driving on Route 9D near Beacon on Tuesday afternoon and saw a young man pull over. I watched as he put on his flashers and get out of the car. He started running in my direction and putting on, what looked like, gardening gloves.

When I looked to my right, I saw what he was running to.

A large turtle was about to start crossing the street. I've seen a few situations like this on my Facebook timeline, of people around the Hudson Valley saving turtles as they are trying to get across the road.

I'm no turtle expert, but I'm guessing they're trying to get to some source of water.

With that being said, I did some research when it comes to moving these turtles to their destination safely. I do know one thing: some of these turtles bite.

Emily Churchill

Our friends from the Orphaned Wildlife Center shared an article called How to Move a Turtle Across the Road. 

They break it down to two different ways:

The No Hand Method: Wave a stick or a car mat in front of the turtle they will latch on and then you can drag said turtle to its destination safely.

By The Shell: Grab the turtle by both sides of its shell. Make sure you have a firm grip as unsuspecting turtles may scratch or pee on you. (Don't say we didn't warn you.)

Whenever you do move a turtle, make sure you continue to bring them in the direction they were heading. According to the article turtles know where they want to go.

If you're dealing with a snapping turtle, you can use the no hand method or scoop them up on a shovel and steadily move them. You can also use the "Wheelbarrow Methond" which has you "grab the back of the shell near the back legs, lift the rear end of the turtle, and walk it forward."

Have fun with that last one and be safe!

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