Here's an update from a creative Hudson Valley themed Halloween costume.

One of our listeners shared a picture with us of a young boy who goes trick or treating in her neighborhood every year. This year the boy, who is in a wheelchair, was dressed up as a Fallsburg Fire Department truck.

Kristy Germann

We shared the story and the family of the young boy reached out about how this years costume was a special one.

In an email, Kristy German tells us that her 11 year old son Matthew has Cerebral Palsy. Kristy explains why Matthew's Halloween costumes are so special to her family saying "Each year we try to incorporate his chair into the theme so he is "fully transformed" into costume like the other kids.  It's a day where he can be whatever he wants and leave the chair out of the picture so to speak. "

This years firetruck costume is a special one. Kristy tells us that during the SCVFA Parade in Wurtsboro last year Matthew was impressed by a certain fire truck, Kristy said " With his eyes beaming, he pointed to the Fallsburg truck and said "good."

Later that evening they saw some of the firefighters at Twin Cone and told them about Matthew's reaction to the truck. So the guys pulled the truck closer so Matthew could enjoy it up close and personal.


Kristy Germann

Matthew now plays an important role with the Hudson Valley fire department Kristy shares "Since then, they have accepted and welcomed Matthew into their family as an associate member and have included him in many events."