I haven't seen one yet but someone call Mulder and Scully just in case.

Experts claim that New York is a hot bed for alien activity. If you are really looking to see an unidentified flying object thankfully a bunch of egg heads have put their brains to work to determine your actual odds of finding an alien craft.

Who knows better odds than a casino? Casino.org has put together a comprehensive map for those interested in states that have the highest U.F.O sightings. Among the top states are Florida, Michigan, Wyoming and of course, New York. We can probably thank Pine Bush for making the list.

Your odds of seeing an alien ship are far likelier in upstate New York than most other areas in the country, +258,400 to be exact. Any sports bookie will tell you that they are pretty good compared to our neighbors. To date, there are 7,641 reported sightings.

The abduction numbers are much lower and don't call a fear of aliens coming to get you irrational. Did you know there is also alien abduction insurance?

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