A documentary focused on the extraterrestrial occurrences in the Hudson Valley is set to start streaming this weekend.

Back in July, Discovery + announced a new documentary that would investigate all the UFO sightings that have been reported in the Hudson Valley. According to their press release, there have been over 3,000 reports of UFO's in the mid-Hudson region.

Why is the Hudson Valley such a hot bed for extraterrestrial activity?

That's what a team of experts is going to find out.

Ben Hansen , Melissa Tittl , and Hudson Valley native Marc D’Antonio will join forces to uncover messages from beyond, first-hand accounts and video evidence proving that we may not be alone in this world and these beings may not be coming in peacefully.

We spoke with Marc D'Antonio earlier this week and he gave us a run down of what to expect during the 2 hour documentary.

D'Antonio, who is an astronomer and has been studying the skies since the he was 9 years old, said that there were many strange occurrences that happened during filming. For instance, while using fully charged, new drones, to investigate possible UFO's, the batteries mysteriously died.

The Hudson Valley native also told us stories of paranormal activity out in the woods. They would ask for whatever other worldly beings were out there to make a light blink for yes or no...and whatever might have been out there responded by making the light blink correctly.


Plus, the investigative team will talk to Hudson Valley residents who share their stories of Alien abduction. D'Antonio told us that we'll hear stories of alien encounters where aliens have allegedly gone inside Hudson Valley homes.

Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley will begin streaming on Sunday, August 15th on Discovery +.

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