So apparently, there is some snow in the forecast. Everywhere I look I'm getting a warning about serious winter weather from late Wednesday night through Thursday.

It's been insanely cold outside, so of course, we're all worried about how this storm is going to treat the Hudson Valley. But we can't really be sure. Even the experts over at Hudson Valley Weather are saying that they're not quite sure how this storm is going to affect us.

While we wait it out, we can only imagine what driving through this storm is going to be like.

In all seriousness, though, please be safe out there if it does indeed snow like they're saying it will. Stay home and warm if you can and if you are going out try not to be one of these drivers.

Here are some of the snow drivers you may encounter in the Hudson Valley:


  • mkrberlin

    The Flasher

    This driver is rocking the flashers as soon as they pull out of their driveway or parking lot. They probably still have snow piled up on the top of their car and frost on their windshield. This driver probably should have just called out of work and shouldn't be on the road. But we get it, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  • loading...

    The "Professional"

    This driver always ticks me off. This is the driver who is going 65 with about 4 inches of visibility ahead. They're also the one who starts fishtailing while you curse their name because they scared the living daylights out of you while you're white-knuckling the wheel.

  • Nneirda

    The Leader

    This is the driver you want to be sharing the road with. They're either in a big truck or SUV and are driving slow enough that you can follow in their tire tracks if the plows haven't been out yet.

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