The Hudson Valley is on the lookout for a pet whose family desperately wants her to return home.

Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley is a Facebook page that helps reconnect lost animals with their owners. Usually, the page is filled with listings for lost dogs and cats from Poughkeepsie to Middletown who have gotten out of the yard and haven't been able to find their way back. But one recent listing for a pet that's over two decades old left us with lots of questions.

On Tuesday Diane Goldstein posted a lost pet flyer for Leo. Leo is 21 years old, weighs 30 pounds and is described as "shy and friendly." Oh, and did we mention that Leo is a tortoise?

It's unclear how long it took for Goldstein to realize that Leo was missing, but you'd assume that a slow-moving elderly tortoise wouldn't be able to get too far, right? The owner says "she is slow but can certainly get around." One commenter pointed out that they once had a turtle that actually climbed a fence and escaped their yard, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that Leo has covered some ground since running away.

Leo was last seen on June 8 around 11am near Mountainview Drive in Mahopac. Since she is now 21 it's possible Leo could be headed to a local bar to celebrate, or perhaps she's picked up the scent of a suitor and is on her way for a little romance.

If you happen to see Leo out and about, her family would be thankful if you could give them a call so they can be reunited.

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