I'm always looking for my next adventure here in the Hudson Valley. And I love exploring, so nothing is really off limits, unless of course it's private property. I'm a rule follower after all.

I started looking into abandoned towns throughout the United States, just because I was curious and so-called 'ghost towns' always fascinate me.

Where did everyone go? They all just decided to pick up and leave one day? Why?

Those are only a few of the questions I ask myself after I cross off alien abduction off the reasoning list.

Anyway, I came across a local 'ghost town' and I think I found my next Hudson Valley Adventure.

According to The New York Times Doodletown is near Bear Mountain and last saw residency in 1965. Hikers can currently see the three main roads that lead to Doodletown and parts of houses, schools, churches and businesses of the 70 or so that lived there at one point.

One family, who lived in Doodletown, explains to the NYT back in 2008 that Doodletown didn't just strangely vanish. The reason behind Doodletown's downfall was that it "fell victim to a series of land acquisitions in the area that began in the early 1900s and lasted through 1965."

To explore Doodletown find more details at NY/NJ Trail Conference website.

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