It's never a surprise to me when I hear of something new in the Hudson Valley. In fact, I get excited to learn about a historic building, site, or the arrival of something special.

I always get told that I find the "coolest places" and I simply just come across them when I'm exploring or on an adventure. There truly is so much to see in the Hudson Valley, we just have to be open to it. Every town has a story of how it used to be vs. how we were influenced by history and get to experience the transformation today.

Within Orange County, there's a unique and historic town, Goshen. It's not only known for its historic horse racing track but also the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame. Have you ever noticed the wooden horses throughout the town? Those also symbolize Goshen, New York.

More recently, a Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie, "One December Night" was filmed in Goshen. It was filmed during the summer into fall and it was neat to see them decorating the town with Christmas ornaments, lights, and fake snow.

I then came across this walking tour and trail and had to share the details about it. If you're a history buff, love to learn new things, or simply want to explore a different town, be sure to find out more below.

The Goshen Historic Walking Tour has a large plaque that is located in the center of the village. It has an outline of the town and pictures of each business, home, or building that holds a piece of history within.

From the Orange Blossom Monument to the St. James Episcopal Church, there is so much to see right in front of our eyes.

Each piece has an explanation of what purpose it served in Goshen, the time frame, and a number of the tours. While looking at the map, it will show that "you are here". Be sure to follow the numbers to complete the entire tour.

Find out more here.

See the picture that I took below. Will you go on this tour? Share with us below.


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