I have twice in my life.

If you wake up with Jess and I on Thursday mornings on 97.7 or 97.3, first THANK YOU! Second you already know that we do something called "Full Of It" for all kinds of prizes. "Full Of It" is a way for you guys to get to know us a little better by trying to figure out which one of us is lying to you.

We each give you a statement about ourselves from the past, one of us being honest and the other lying to you or as we like to say....FULL OF IT! Our statements today were..Jess said "I've met a famous country artist every time I've been to Nashville." Mine was, "I've been placed in handcuffs by police twice in my life."

Jess was full of it and I was telling you the truth! I was put in handcuffs twice in my life, once by the Town of Llyod Police and once by an Ulster County Sheriff. Both time about twenty years ago for the same reason. Driving with a suspended license.

One thing I remember was the gross feeling in my gut after the handcuffs clicked shut. I swear I thought I was going to throw up each time. It makes my stomach turn just thinking about it! LOL.

Have you ever had handcuffs put on you? What happened? Call or text the show through the Wolf app and be listening for your story on the air all morning long.

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