Our offices are located right in the mix of a few local colleges.

Right down the road in one direction we have Dutchess Community College, in the other direction is Marist. Travel a bit further and you're at The Culinary Institute of America, make a few more turns and you are pulling up to Vassar College. We always know when school is back in session.

I recently read a post on BuzzFeed about spooky dorm stories and seeing ghosts during your first year of college. It's pretty well known that the Hudson Valley has some haunted locations and many of them are at our local colleges.

The Culinary Institute in Hyde Park was featured on an episode of the SYFY show "Ghost Hunters." They were able to make contact with the spirit of Father Murphy who is said to haunt Roth Hall, the main building on campus.

Marist College in Poughkeepsie has a ghost story of its own. Sheahan Hall, which is home to many incoming freshman, is where the ghost of former student Shelly Sperling resides. According to some sites, Shelly was killed by an ex-boyfriend who was stalking her in 1975. She is known to open and close doors, moving heavy objects and electronic devices going on and off by themselves.

Davidson Building in Vassar is apparently another haunted hot spot in the Hudson Valley. The top floor used to be the maids quarters, now as a part of housing students report that they will come back to their rooms neat and tidy. Doesn't sound like a bad ghost to have around if you're a messy college student.

Do you know any students attending Hudson Valley colleges this fall? You might want to give them a heads up about their haunted history...just in case.

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