Today is National Donut Day and the fact that it happens on a Friday makes it that much better!

When I had my first job in radio, we called Friday, Fat Friday and we would always have donuts in the morning.  Now, I'm not going to lie, I seem to have Fat weekends, especially in the winter and I'll get donuts.  I don't really have a preference as to where they come from but as far as chains, I lean toward Krispy Kreme, and can NEVER turn down one from a bakery.

Eating donuts weekly wouldn't really be a problem if I ate just one.  The other day my wife bought a dozen and I ate one sitting.

National Donut Day was actually created by the Salvation Army for those who volunteered to serve donuts to the military during World War I.

The proper spelling is Doughnut but was changed for marketing purposes and it stuck.

Go enjoy your coffee and doughnut on this National Donut Day.  Actually, have 2.

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