If you listen to the show then you'll know I'm a huge TV fan. One of my favorite shows right now is The Affair on Showtime.

Listen, The Affair isn't an easy show to get behind. It basically tells the story of, you guessed it, an affair. However, there are several different sides of the story and every episode explores them. Stories change and people who you once viewed in a certain light look extremely different. That's what hooked me.

The Affair, now in it's third season, has filmed locally in Cold Spring and in the lower Hudson Valley. Last season during the premier episode, two of the characters were sharing a bottle of wine from Millbrook Winery. I love finding little Hudson Valley gems in award winning shows. This season there will be another local business spotted. However, there's a little twist.

If you're a Hudson Valley resident, more specifically Dutchess County, then you're familiar with Halftime.Located on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, Halftime carries the "world's largest selection of beer" and is one of my favorite places to buy local beers and ciders.

Well, the other  Halftime location in Mamaroneck will be making a cameo on The Affair. The episode will air December 4th at 10pm according to Halftime's Instagram account:

I love how these shows film in New York and use local businesses as a part of their scenes, it makes it more authentic.

The Affair returns November 20th on Showtime at 10pm. Will you be tuning in?

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