It's a question that has the Hudson Valley screaming at each other!!!

No matter how big or small your family is at one time or another a family argument has broken out. The fights can be about anything, politics, celebrities, the family budget, the list of things families argue about goes on and on. When those types of arguments start most of us like to win them and will do just about anything to do it...LOL! One Hudson Valley family has shared their most recent fight with us hoping that we might help end it.


Family Argues Over Pizza

Liz from Poughkeepsie sent us a message last week asking a question that everyone seems to have an opinion about. She asked, "My family and I are in a debate... if you're eating a slice of pizza, is the tip the top or bottom of the pizza? To me, the tip is the top and the crust is the bottom. Ugh, who's with me?" That question has everyone sharing their two cents. We've received text messages from both "sides of the pie".

Kim from Poughkeepsie texted, "Being a former preschool teacher, my mind went right to the cartoon images of pizza that I’ve seen in the past always depicting the crust at the top." Jess also agrees that the tip of a slice of pizza is the bottom and the crust is the top.

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I agree with Liz who thinks the tip is the top, and the crust is the bottom. When I picture a slice in my head I see a triangle with the tip pointing up and the crust being at the bottom, so, crust...bottom right?


Does a Slice of Pizza have a Top or Bottom?

That was the question many fans of the show began asking after we shared our original question. Terri texted us, "Pizza is FLAT!!! There is no top or bottom!!!" Barbra texted an answer that many feels say it best, "It’s neither!! The tip is the middle/center and the crust is the outside."

The next time you and the family have a pizza night make sure you ask the question "Is the Tip of a Slice of Pizza the Top or Bottom?" After everyone answers let us know what they say and remember any time you need an answer to a question, you can "AUA" (Ask Us Anything) anytime by calling or texting us through the Wolf country app.

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