I'll be filing this under "things I probably should have known." There's a good chance I fell asleep during this particular lesson in school. Whoops?

Last night the television show Designated Survivor premiered on ABC. It stars Kiefer Sutherland (24) as Tom Kirkman who works as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The designated survivor is a real thing in which one cabinet member stays in an undisclosed location while the rest of the members attend the State of the Union address or any big government event. Who knew? Apparently, everyone besides me.


Anyhow, our very own Gov. Andrew Cuomo was a designated survivor two times throughout his career as a cabinet secretary during the Clinton administration, according to ABC News. 

Cuomo stated that security is top notch: "You're accompanied by numerous secret service members and Army officials, vehicles, and it really makes you think how quickly the situation could get so bad, and how fragile this whole system is and how fragile the world is."

On the show Designated Survivor the United States Capital is attacked leaving no survivors, except Tom Kirkman. Will you be watching Designated Survivor this season?

While we wait on the next episode, I'll be brushing up on my history.

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