Love him or hate you can roast him (as a S'more) over an open fire.

One very clever seller on the Clifton Park Online Garage Sale Facebook page has offered to sell custom made Governor Cuomo S'more kits with a marshmallow that's been printed with an image of Cuomo.  Right now they are for sale for only $4, and that seems like a great deal for a Hershey Chocolate Bar, two graham crackers, and a flat marshmallow printed with an image of our disgraced governor. According to the seller's Facebook page, she uses a special printer with edible ink made from food coloring to print images on all sorts of goodies like cookies, chips, marshmallows, and m&m’s.

Facebook/Patty Bradley Grady

Apparently, this is something that the seller, Patty Bradley Grady does for a side hustle. Well, selling custom printed cookies and other treats...not roasting Governor Cuomo. A quick search of the Clifton Park Online Garage Sale Facebook page revealed dozens of posts from Grady selling her custom baked goods. Here's an example of another one of her custom printed S'more kits for sale. 

Facebook/Patty Bradley Grady

I predict that she might have an issue keeping up with demand for the "Roast Governor Cuomo S'more kits" once this clever S'more kit gets out there. If you're interested in buying a custom s'more kit...or a whole bunch of'll need to join the Clifton Park Online Garage Sale Group or find Patty Bradley Grady on Facebook and send her a private message.


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