It goes without saying that 'Ghostbusters' is a classic movie that seems to never get old.

I remember being a kid and being on vacation with my parents and we found a movie theater that was showing 'Ghostbusters II" and I begged my parents to see it.

My mom wasn't really into "scary" movies as she called it but she had seen the first one so I figured we'd be OK.

My mom was one of those people that when I was at a party and she found out we would be watching scary movies, would call and check on me or ask if I needed anything or wanted to come home.

I remember sitting down and seeing this really cute girl sitting in front of us.  We made eye contact and I was smitten.

We get about 20 minutes into the movie and my mom decides to ask, very loudly 'Bryan.  Are you OK watching this?  It won't give you nightmares will it?"

I was so embarrassed I swore I'd never watch any 'Ghostbusters" movie of any kind, ever again.

That's going to change in 2020.  The trailer for 'Ghostbusters: The Afterlife' has just dropped and it looks so good.

It will have cameo appearances from Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd plus a few others from the originals.

Anyone want to go?  Don't worry, I won't have nightmares.


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