It's Friday and we frolic with our guns out!

If you missed it on the CJ in the morning show today, we started talking about Jess' dance moves and somehow it turned into me making fun of her dance moves.

First let me apologize to Jess, I'm sorry I made fun of you, at least you go out on to the dance floor and dance, I stand in the corner and just stare, looking like a loser, until now!

I decided that for our weekly frolic to kick off the weekend, I would un-holster my guns and follow Jess for a dance move, guns out "Frolic".....

See that's why I stay off the dance floor.

If you are having a tough week, maybe the job sucks, your broke, whatever has you feeling down today can all be turned around by simply frolicking around wherever you are.

It works, just stand up, drop your arms to your side, point your hands out and start skipping around.

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