Today is Friday the 13th and some people say that is a bad luck day, others are more into the whole movie aspect and some don't really care.

I like the movies, think the bad luck stuff is funny and really don't think about it being Friday the 13th......until I realized that it lingers for the whole weekend.

It's not a scary kind of thing but it IS a odd freaky things happen kind of time.

Today, I'm driving to work and a cup that I lost about a month ago, just rolls out from under the seat.  The seat that I just vacuumed under and there was nothing there.

The toilet in the building flushed by itself.  Sitting in traffic on the Mid Hudson Bridge and someone yells my name next to me which wouldn't really seem freaky except there was noone to my left and my windows where rolled up.  Also, the person next to me on my right was in a van with the windows rolled up.  The voice was more female than male.

More things will happen throughout the weekend because they always do.   I remember one Friday the 13th weekend where the vacuum kept turning off, or weird things kept happening.

Maybe it's just me in my own mind or maybe it's not but whatever the case, hang on because I'll have experiences and stories all weekend.

I was going to see IT this weekend too until I realized the date.


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