Now that's something to smile about!

I'm not sure if you're feeling the same way I am, but since this week started I've had the feeling that we have turned a corner in the world and we are so close to getting back on track with things. We have vaccination sites popping up all across New York so people can get the COVID-19 vaccine if they choose. Restaurants are getting ready to allow more indoor customers, schools are allowing more kids for in-person classes, temperatures are going to hit 60 this week and if that's not enough, we have this.

This Friday March 12th, 2021 will be the last day the sun will set before 6PM until sometime in late October!!! YES!!! Outside of the temperatures going up, the one sign that always excites me that spring is on the way is when the sun stays out longer and that time is here.

According to the Weather Channel, Friday March 12th, the sun will set at 5:59 p.m. and won't set before six again until late October. That's SEVEN months of more and more daylight. I'm hoping that as your reading these words you also get the same excited feeling in your stomach that I'm getting while I'm typing them. I don't think I've ever been this excited for spring in a long time.

As a reminder this weekend is also when we spring forward our clocks, so before you hit the pillow on Saturday night, jump your clocks up one hour so when you wake up Sunday you'll have the right time.

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