For all of you that I know who are following a Lenten tradition for the next few weeks I thought I could help out in the food department. Having been raised Catholic there was many a Friday at my house that fish was on the table. As an adult I have gotten away from some of the things I grew up with, but a good fish sandwich isn't one of them. And yes I consider a Lobster Roll a fish sandwich.

Let me start by offering a yummy fish sandwich recipe I found online. You may have noticed that I include a lot of recipes from Jamie Oliver's Food Tube. I do this for two reasons. The first is I can't resist a cook with a British accent and the second is his recipes are really good. They always contain fresh ingredients and they never seem hard to prepare.

Today for all of you who are required to enjoy fish I offer the Southern Fried Fish Finger Sandwich. Not exactly how my Aunt Doris from Indiana prepares hers but it might have less calories.

Don't feel like making it yourself then let me suggest one of these great Hudson Valley Restaurants that will be happy to cook your fish dinner for you.

Mexicali Blue - Try the Fish Taco

Gadaleto's - Try the Crab Cake on a Bun

The Parish - Try The Fried Oyster Po'Boy

And for the kid in all of us a list of fish sandwiches would not be complete with out The Filet-O-Fish from McDonald's. Check out two video released this week by Business Insider. Warning you may want a Filet O Fish after watching.

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