Before I go crazy and make this sound like an advertisement for a dentist office let me just say that one of the most annoying things is having something stuck in between your teeth. Even more annoying is when someone your with has something stuck in their teeth and they make that continuous sucking sound while trying to remove it from their tooth.

I know dental floss can be extremely frustrating to use which is why I switched to those dental picks that come with the floss on the end. Until recently the brand I used was really good. Then suddenly about a year ago I noticed that I would buy a bag and it seemed like everyone in the bag was defective. Usually I could use one to do all my teeth but recently it was taking me 3,4 even more to get all my teeth flossed.

The frustrating part of having to use so many was I always felt a bit guilty about using something that was single use and made of plastic. When it was just one a day I didn't feel like I was filling up a land fill but once it became 5 a day I thought this is dumb and a waste of money. So I went back to regular floss.

That decision meant I was back to using miles of floss to rid my teeth of whatever I just eaten. I kept saying there must be a product that I can buy, that I can re-use, that could hold my floss. I was determined to find it or create it myself when I discovered the perfect product. Dental picks made from corn starch. Not only am I not throwing away plastic bits everyday but I discovered that even though they cost more I am actually saving money because I am not using 4 or 5 every morning to floss my teeth. And in addition they actually work better.

So now I have corn starch floss picks to go with my corn starch straws.

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