Fire hydrants are a familiar sight in towns and cities throughout the Hudson Valley. They are our safety nets in case of the unthinkable, a fire. Fire Departments connect to them to help fight a fire and save lives. What if a fire broke out and when the fire department needed the hydrant, it simply wouldn't work properly? How do you help prevent that awful scenario?

Replace hydrants so that they are ready when and if they are needed. That's exactly what will be happening in Millbrook this week. According to the Village of Millbrook, the two hydrants will be replaced this Tuesday and Wednesday. The hydrant on Merritt Avenue by the DMV will be replaced this Tuesday and the hydrant on Merritt Avenue by the Village Hall will be replaced this Wednesday, August 1.

In order to make this happen, the water will need to be shut off for a period of time between 9 and 4, the time they expect to be working on this project. They will try to keep the water shut off to a minimum, but they ask everyone to be aware that when the water is turned back on, it may run dirty for a little bit of time.

They apologize for the inconvenience, but having working hydrants can make everyone feel better in the long run. Anyone who has questions can call 845-677-3839.

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