Happy Friday, everyone! Although it might not be too happy for some Hudson Valley residents. The flu has hit us hard this year.

I'm pretty sure everyone in my family and extended family has suffered from the flu at some point this winter. I had it right before I went on vacation, luckily for me it came and went pretty quickly. Others aren't so lucky and it just lingers. Yuck. Unfortunately, CJ was out this morning. The reason? Yup, you guessed it. His daughter Julianna is suffering from the flu.

We hope Julie feels better soon. In an effort to make her and all the other flu sufferers feel a little better, I decided to do a solo frolic to fight the flu. Theres a good chance this video will give you  motion sickness, but it might make you laugh?

I hope you all feel better and take the weekend to relax. Enjoy some hot tea (or a hot tottie) and soup.

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