We're all guilty of it. You buy food at the grocery store and either you forget you have it, or you never make the meal you intended and the food goes bad, so you toss it. How about the day-old bakery cart or the 'ugly' fruit and vegetable bin at your grocery store? Do you ever buy any of these items, or just pass them by. They're still good, just not as pretty as the other items. Often times, they get trashed.

According to Feeding America, between 25% and 40% of food grown and produced in the United States is never eaten. Think about that for a second. When 1 in 7 individuals in our country are going hungry, talk about waste.

To help create awareness about food waste here in the Hudson Valley, The Hudson Valley Regional Council, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Dutchess Outreach, and the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley will be promoting solutions to reduce food waste this Saturday from 11-3 at The Walkway Over The Hudson.

They will be providing, free of charge, a delicious feast from fresh, top-quality produce that would have otherwise been wasted. You will be pleasantly surprised and you might not ignore those day old bins in the store ever again. You can become part of the solution.

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