I can't imagine that I am the only person that this happened to this weekend. With the official start to summer kicking off this past Friday you would think that I have had time to prepare but somehow with the wet rainy Spring I lost track of time. That is what I am saying is the reason that I had to go to a horse show today in corduroy pants.

In the morning it wasn't so bad because it was actually still cool and damp but within hours I realized that shorts would have been a better choice. So why didn't I wear shorts? Simple I haven't dragged them out of the back of the closet yet.

All the rain we had this Spring has put me behind in finding my summer clothes. Afterall it was just two weeks ago that you couldn't leave the house without a sweatshirt. Now all of sudden it's sunny and 80. I definitely need to catch up and it won't be easy. One of the reasons is because at the end of last summer I threw out or donated a whole bunch of summer clothes. I just knew I would have time to shop for new things So far not yet. Here's to hoping you have found your bathing suit I am still trying to remember where I stashed mine for the winter.

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