How does that saying go? "Say it with flowers." Some of the prettiest flowers bloom in the Fall. Everyone always wait for the Spring flowers. You know "April Showers bring May flowers". Honestly, we probably need Spring flowers after the long winter but don't discount the flowers that wait until fall to show their beauty.

Here in the Hudson Valley Sunflowers and Mums take over the landscape. Sunflowers grow from short to tall based on the variety, while Mums come in every color you can imagine. Another hearty fall plant is Kale. It helps fill in the blanks. If your Spring/Summer garden is looking brown and sad, Kale can pick it up with it's white and purple varieties.

So for all you happy gardeners your work isn't done yet. Let's make your Fall garden as exciting as the Spring. And remember, next year throw in a gourde and pumpkin plant as well, to finish off the center piece of your yard, your garden.

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