We can now add Thanksgiving to the list of holidays that COVID-19 has messed up, but one thing it can't screw up is that TURKEY is the star of Thanksgiving dinner! The great state of New York has announced that this Thanksgiving we must all follow certain guidelines this year to help stop the uptick in coronavirus cases. The guidelines mainly have to do with the number of people that you have at your house for dinner.

As we talked about the guidelines, we learned a fun fact about Jess.....she wants nothing to do with turkey on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for her is more of a ham holiday then turkey. WHAT!!!!!!!!! If there's no turkey at my Thanksgiving dinner, I'm LEAVING....LOL! Am I wrong here? Jess told us that she enjoys a turkey sandwich from the deli all the time, but wants nothing to do with turkey in the bird form. I think she's lost her mind!!!!!!! BIRD FORM?????????

We asked if you had to pick just one, which one would you have on your dinner table, turkey or ham? The responses were overwhelming and we had to share them with you if you missed the show today.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Turkey or Ham

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