At Middlehope Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to making every visit for your pet Fear Free! We want every pet and owner to feel comfortable throughout their visit.

At each visit, your pet will enjoy:
○ Calming music in each exam room to help relax any nervous feelings. Pets who are calm and relaxed enjoy lower stress levels, faster healing, and are less likely to experience complications.
○ Treats treats treats! We offer a wide variety of tasty treats for your pet to enjoy throughout their visit. If your pet has a favorite treat, feel free to bring it to their exam.
○ Calming pheromones. Feliway and Adaptil contain artificial versions of the pheromones your pets already associate with relaxing environments, allowing them to feel more at ease throughout their visit.
○ Soft towels and cushy mats. Pets feel safer on softer, non-skid surfaces. No more cold exam tables!
○ Highly trained, loving staff. Each doctor, nurse, assistant, and customer care specialist is a pet lover at heart. We offer comprehensive on the job training on gentle handling, continuing education to provide each staff member with the most up-to-date medical knowledge, and comprehensive training in canine and feline body language and communication. This allows each staff member to better communicate with your furry family member, determine their comfort level, and provide a tailored experience to ensure their comfort.
○ A safe and relaxing waiting room experience.
You can do simple things at home to help make your pet’s visit relaxing and enjoyable:
○ Bring a wide variety of treats from home. If possible, avoid feeding before the appointment so your pet arrives hungry and more enticed by treats! We offer a wide variety of treats in each exam room for your pet to choose from.
○ Make sure to bring dogs on leashes and cats in carriers. Our customer care specialists are happy to consult with you to find the proper carrier for your cat and leash for your dog.
○ Create positive associations at home. Often times, getting your cat to the vet involves digging out their carrier, stuffing your cat into it, and listening to them meow during their car ride. By the time you arrive, you’re both stressed out! Leave the carrier out and place food in treats inside so it becomes a normal part of your cat’s everyday routine.
○ Talk to one of our veterinarians about pre-visit medications. We can prescribe medications based on their age, behavior and breed that will ensure their comfort throughout their entire visit.

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