Laser Tattoo Removal
Whether you are looking to completely remove a tattoo or lighten it to cover with a new tattoo, we provide affordable and effective laser treatments to help you achieve the skin you want.

Our laser uses state of the art technology and is equipped with three true wavelengths to treat the full spectrum of colors. Whether you have a small, black tattoo on your ankle or an intricate, colorful full sleeve, we can help you remove it.

​Consultations are always free and our staff is willing and able to answer every question you have before you make your decision.

Carbon Laser Facial
Frequently referred to as "The Hollywood Peel", our carbon laser facial is an effective treatment to smooth out your complexion, lighten age/sun spots, reduce acne and blemishes, reduce the size of pores, and kill bacteria.

​Using a carbon powder mixture to create a mask, our laser is "tricked" into thinking there's a pigment on your face. Painlessly, the laser heats the carbon causing it to evaporate from your pores while removing dirt, dead skin cells, oil, and superficial facial hair. Take this as a quick, effective and multi-purposed laser facial.

Pigmented Lesion Removal
Turn back the clock with targeted laser treatments that will lighten and remove pigmented lesions such as lentigines (age/sun spots) , café-au-lait spots, and freckles. Most commonly treated are lentigines, more often referred to as age or sun spots. They are small, pigmented spots on the skin with a clearly defined edge. This is a harmless (benign) hyperplasia of melanin which can be successfully treated in most cases and is usually removed in as little as three treatments.

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