The Super Bowl this year was a let down.

I'm not speaking as a Forty Niners fan either.

I mean, if you didn't have a team in it, you probably watched it for the commercials or the half time show and even that wasn't spectacular.

Every year I'm excited about the commercials because there is usually one or 2 that make me laugh and a few that are very entertaining.

My wife loves the half time shows.  This year, I thought it was OK and she liked J-Lo because she like J-Lo.

The commercials, in my opinion were more of a let down than my team losing.

I laughed at one, got a bit choked up at one and that's about it.

Maybe I'm spoiled or maybe I'm just bitter or maybe if there was a country half time show I'd feel differently/

Maybe I'm just old and bitter and can't be pleased.


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