Gender reveal parties are all the rage now.  We talked about doing one with baby girl but decided we would just announce it on Facebook instead.  Not that we didn't want to make a big deal about it but we just didn't know who to invite basically.  That's just a funny reason that we use because we really didn't have a reason to not do one except we really aren't into them.

I've seen some really cool ones and some really epic ones but I have to say, Eric Church might have been part of the most epic one.

People are always trying to get the artists to do something for them on stage.  Sometimes it's saying hello to someone, sometimes it's having the artist bring someone on stage with them or it's something as simple as helping them pull of something, in this case that is epic.

It happened at an Eric Church concert in Michigan when he was part of an epic gender reveal.  Eric talked a bit and then revealed to the unknowing and in this case, unprepared father.

Eric revealed that the couple was having twins!  The whole thing was caught on video and you can watch it HERE

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