I have spent the week hoping that the words would come to me to express how I feel about what happened on Sunday in Las Vegas. I have had so many thoughts and emotions. And then tonight I saw what Eric Church posted on Facebook from the Grand ole Opry last night. I read it and then I listened and now I don't need to share my words with you because Eric in his true song writer style has said so much more than I ever could have put on paper.

Eric Church has always had a way with words and emotions. He is so genuine it crosses over to all forms of music. You don't have to be a country music fan to be a fan of Eric Church. He is more than a singer song writer he is a modern day poet that speaks to our times.

This performance of "Why Not Me" is a performance from the heart that allows all of us to release the mix of emotions that we are left with in the aftermath of Las Vegas and so many other senseless events that have become the fabric of our world.

Sing on Eric Church!

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